Wojtek's travel log

Baltic Coast of Lithuania


Lithuania has only 99 kms of the sea coast. The most attractive for the tourists is Couronian Spit – a long and narrow peninsula protecting very long lagoon. The peninsula (southern part belongs to Russia/Kaniningrad Oblast) is famous for the beaches and sand dunes. Two ferries sail there from Klaipeda. I took passnenger-only ferry from the old town. It costs 0,80 euro and in 5 min will take you to the other side of the lagoon. If you are lucky the bus will wait on the other side to take you 44 km south to the nice fishermen village Nida (3,40 eu). I was climbing the hill to the lighthouse, but there is no views and the lighthouse is closed for visits.

Just few kms south of Nida is Russian border and this is the dune area. They planted vegetation on the rest of the dunes – regarding landscape it is disappointing.

Back in Klaipeda I took in the afternoon marshrutka (1,40 eu) to the seaside resort town of Palanga -25 kms away. Apart from the wide beaches it is famous for the Amber Museum located in the former palace of Polish comte Tyszkiewicz. The palace is surrounded by beautiful park. For sure worth to see!


On the first floor you can visit palace room with the collection of stylish furnitures, paintings and sculptures (the one of Polish king Stanislaw August is also here). On the secon floor there is nice exhibition of amber: