Wojtek's travel log

Vilnius to Gdansk…

On Sunday early morning in Vilnius buses to the airport start operate after 6 am. For my low-cost flight I should be at the terminal before 6, so I was forced to order the taxi. Fortunately Vilnius airport is not far from the city centre. I paid for the ride only 6 euro.

The guy at security control asked me twice after X-ray screening if I have any liquids in my backpack. -No!  So they probably do not trust this sophisticated machine.

Then we were walking about 200 m to the wizz plane. Take-off and after 1 h 20 min in the air I landed in Malmo. I like this little airport. It is clean and quiet, offers good and free internet connection and if you have the connection there is no need to go off and in again.

I am waiting for the flight to Gdansk. The another short voyage to the countries of Eastern Europe is almost over. I had excellent weather (except one day), I saw new places and I had a chance to meet interesting people. OKAY, now my Wojtkowka is waiting for me   :)