Wojtek's travel log

By train to Klaipeda


Lithuania isn’t a big country. I decided to go to the coast of Baltic Sea to see the Lithuanian port Klaipeda. Lithuanian railways offer 3 trains per day from Vilnius, it takes around 4 hours to reach the destination. I found the website of LR, made a choice of the train. They made me happy announcing, that I will get an extra discounts for buying ticket via internet and for buying round-rtip in advance. I proceeded to the payment keeping in hand my 3 different credit cards. Can you imagine how angry I was when they announced that I cannot use ANY card to buy their ticke online – you have to have an account in Lithuanian bank. Finally I jump on the trolleybus going to the station. I did not get any discount and I spent extra 2 euro for trolleybus.

This was the fast train. There were only 3 carriages and the conductor in every carriage. I reached Klaipeda after 2 pm. Klaipeda has a kind of ols Prussian charm with many cobbled streets, old theatre on the square near the port and two-storey houses. I stay in the outskirts of the center in the little pension “Varsutine 9”. The old lady -the owner is exceptional host: she is welcoming guests not only with smile, but also with chocolate candies, cakes and coffee. I am impressed.

On the Dane River crossing the Old Town they keep the old sailboat “Meridianas” converted to the restaurant.  It could be the symbol of Klaipeda: