Wojtek's travel log

Pirohovo – worth to see!


Pirohovo Museum of National Architecture is located on the outskirts of Kiev. To get there take the subway to the Ipodrom station and change there to the trolleybus 11 – conductors sell tickets on the trolleys for 3 hr. Then you have to walk about 2 kms to the entrance and pay 40 hr for the ticket. They put there houses from all regions of Ukraine. Wooden churches, water- and windmills, village houses. It is spread out on the big, hilly area so allow a least 4 hours to see everything. Many houses are open to see the interior and in one orthodox church there was a service – I enjoyed especially their singing.

In the middle of the area there are foof stalls serving local, Ukrainian delicacies. Smiles of charming local ladies are distributed for free: