Wojtek's travel log

Parks and squares of Timisoara


Timisoara is probably the third biggest city in Romania. I have a pleasure to be hosted here by Mr Sorin from Couchsurfing. He also travelled a lot, speaks fluent English so we have a good time. I tried for the breakfast Romanian zakuska – vegetable pasta eaten with bread.


Timisoara has a lot of parks where flowers and trees are in blossom and three big square with historic buildings. The biggest – Piata Uniri has nice Catholic Cathedral and Serbian Church. Piata Libertatii – old city hall and Piata Victorei opera house on one end and orthodox cathedral on the other. Thich church has extremely ornate ikonostas – – I did not see such a altar in the Balkan.


Old trams in the peak hours are faster then smogging cars. The ride on the tram cost 2 lei. During the day it is worth to escape from the crowded streets to the parks. One of them is close to the restored fortress – in the old bastion they opened shops and galeries. Nice city!  But it is my last day in Romania – tomorrow I am flying home…