Wojtek's travel log

Citadel in Alba Iulia


Alba Iulia was founded by Roman Emperors but now it is famous for its citadel, buit by Austrians. It is huge fortress with few ornate gates and lovely promenade outside high walls. Wide terrain of the citadel is housing two cathedrals (catholic and orthodox) luxury hotel, museum, university located in the former palaces and more. For Romanians it is first of all the place, where the act of unification of Romania was signed. The fortress is nicely restored and it is good idea to spend here few hours… Apple trees are already in blossom here, the sun is shining and the birds are singing – I hope that such a lovely spring will come soon also to Poland!  On the citadel outer wall I visited wooden orthodox church surrounded by trees in blossom:


In the citadel I met a group of Romanian young ladies – cadets from the military school in Alba.  Can you imagine? – they spoke quite good English, we had a lot of fun: