Wojtek's travel log

Old Sibiu in Romania


Intercity bus travel in Romania is provided by many small companies so foreign tourist has a problem to manage. But I discovered very useful web page to check almost every intercity connection. Try www.autogari.ro it is updated and you will find also there reservation phone numbers. The only problem is that this help desk as a rule do not understand any foreign language so you have to ask you Romanian friend to make the booking for you.


Today I spend 3,5 hours in the bus traveling from Cluj to Sibiu. Ticket cost me 35 lei. Sibiu is well-known historic town, also the informal capital of German minority in Romania (yes, they have Grermans here since ages). The old part of the town is very compact – located on the hill with 3 elegant squares filled with old achitecture. Squeres architecture is renovated and bright, but in the side streets hundreds of stylish houses are waiting for restoration.

I took city bus no 13 to get to ASTRA open air folk museum. Before boarding the bus you have to buy a ticket, ot better two in the vending machine – it will cost you 1.50 lei each way. From the last stop there is like 200 m to walk to the gate of the skansen. They brought from the whole province, windmills, watermills, ferries, workshops, wooden churches and plenty of different stylish houses. It is worth to see. I paid 3,50 for discounted ticket. The only problem was that all those buildings were closed, so you cannot see what is inside. Maybe because it is not a tourist season yet…