Wojtek's travel log

Cluj-Napoca in green Transylvania


After 3 hours drive in the public bus (ticket costs 28 lei) I am in Cluj – Napoca – historic city founded by Roman emperor. Cluj is famous for its universities (a lot of students in the streets) and many historic monuments. I enjoyed rich interior of Franciscan church and ornate opera house.


It is warm during the day so I wander around the city only in my lolong sleeves shirt. They have here very strong Hungarian minority and you hear Hungarian language on the streets very often. That’s because before WW1 whole Transylvania was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. I had a pleasure to meet here new friend Florin – he lives here since years and he explained to me the present situation. He also gave me a chance to taste traditional local dish – mici (mititei) – a kind of fried meatballs. Thank you Florin!